The following collection of 43 images was lent to the Bradford Public Library by Mike Martin.

In July 2013, they were displayed for the public for the first time.

With the cooperation of Ed Pecht at the Library, I was able to contact Mike and get his blessing 

on presenting the photos to an even wider audience.

The Streets of Bradford – 1904 collection contains 26 photos taken by Frank Robbins after flooding 

tore apart the brick roads in the city. Although the street damage was the main focus of the pictures, 

surrounding buildings and homes are clearly represented.  The last 8 photos are not dated, but show 

related street scenes.

Scenes & Snapshots collection contains 17 photos dating from 1901 through the 1920s. Most are images 

used as evidence after accidents. Several at the end aren't proven to be in Bradford, but probably are area photos.

I hope you enjoy browsing through this part of Bradford's history.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Mike Martin and Ed Pecht!